China National Indigenous Innovation Product Accreditation Criteria

In April the Chinese Ministry of Science and Technology (“MOST”), the National Development and Reform Commission (“NDRC”), and the Ministry of Finance (“MOF”) jointly issued the Draft Notice Regarding the Launch of the National Indigenous Innovation Product Accreditation Work for 2010 (关于开展2010年国家自主创新商品认定工作的通知(征求意见稿)) (the “Draft Notice”). The Draft Notice amends the prior rules that were issued in 2009. Products that meet these standards, which are designed to promote domestic innovation and foster the development of new technologies, are eligible for preferential treatment in China’s government procurement practices.

Under the Draft Notice (available in Mandarin here:, eligible products include computing and application hardware, telecommunications hardware, modern office equipment, software, new-energy products, and high efficiency energy-saving products. […]

It is important to note that meeting these requirements is a necessary, but not necessarily sufficient, qualification for preference in government procurement practices.  Many types of products, such as those related to information security, must clear additional certification hurdles in order to be eligible.

via Perkins Coie – News / Publications – Updates DetailChinese Government Issues Draft Notice Regarding 2010 National Indigenous Innovation Product Accreditation Criteria.


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