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OpenChina-ICT Dialogue Conference November 15-16, 2012 in Beijing

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This should a great event for information exchange between Chinese and EU ICT experts and policy-makers. Free of charge:

November 15-16, 2012
Wenjin Hotel – Beijing, P.R. China
Registration form | Speaker form | B2B form
Event flyer | B2B event brochure Participants tips
For complementary information, please contact the event organisers

The OpenChina-ICT 2-days Dialogue Conference will be held at Wenjin Hotel on November 15-16, 2012 in Beijing, P.R. China, with the support of the European Commission.

The event (free of charge) aims at developing concrete recommendations for actions for international cooperation in ICT between Europe and China. It will comprise one day dedicated to discussions on ways of improving support to current EU-China cooperation and on enhancing direct dialogues among policy‐makers and ICT research communities of China and Europe. The second day will include one-on-one business matchmaking among European and Chinese companies and a study visit for European visitors to have a better view of the overall infrastructure and environment of R&D in China.


China’s Media Landscape

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As guest contributor for a new German-language blog on China policy issues, I wrote this piece on China’s media system and media policy developments: (sorry, German only)

Flattering News Coverage Has a Price in China –

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Flattering News Coverage Has a Price in China – provides an interesting look into a decrepit media system.

Social Networking Use in China AmCham Podcast

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AmCham China. Craig Watts, market intelligence director for GroupM, discusses a report he wrote exploring an ongoing transformation in who uses the Internet in China, and why.

The podcast is from November, but interesting nonetheless.


A couple of interesting China ICT jobs

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1) Senior Counsel ICT Industry

2) Analyst (ICT Industry)

3) China Telecoms Market Researcher

Investing in China Internet Companies? Gimme Something Useful. | China Hearsay

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Investing in China Internet Companies? Gimme Something Useful. | China Hearsay.

Interesting look into some reasons that could keep you from doing internet business in China. Links to an original Article on China Business Insider:

China Quarterly Archives Allow Free Access | China Digital Times (CDT)

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China Quarterly Archives Allow Free Access | China Digital Times (CDT).


The China Quarterly recently made the ten most popular articles from the past decade available for free download on their website. The articles include:

* Reconsidering the Campaign to Suppress Counterrevolutionaries by Yang Kuisong

* Integrating Wealth and Power in China: The Communist Party’s Embrace of the Private Sector by Bruce J. Dickson

* The Changing Ecology of Foreign Policy-Making in China: The Ascension and Demise of the Theory of “Peaceful Rise” by Bonnie S Glaser and Evan S Medeiros

* Mao in Perspective by Jack Gray

* An Emerging Environmental Movement in China? by Phillip Stalley and Dongning Yang

* China’s Household Income and Its Distribution, 1995 and 2002 by Azizur Rahman Khan and Carl Riskin

* Missile Science, Population Science: The Origins of China’s One-Child Policy by Susan Greenhalgh

* Environmental NGOs and Institutional Dynamics in China by Guobin Yang

* The Chinese Energy Security Debate by Erica S. Downs

* Belief in Control: Regulation of Religion in China by Pitman B. Potter

China’s Digital Consumers : China Law Blog : China Law for Business

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China’s Digital Consumers : China Law Blog : China Law for Business.

The great China Law Blog points to the latest edition of McKinsey Quarterly, which is looking at the Chinese Digital Consumer. Just your pot of tea, right?

Gmail issues surface

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Gmail issues surface in China as LinkedIn admits to Great Firewall uncertainty | Asian Correspondent.

The thing is: everything is crawling these days: the streets are jammed rather with security guards than with cars, the internet is jammed with people surveying it rather than those who want or even need to use it. Functionality seems to stand in line behind paranoia once more. As many corporate or also government mail systems are not reliable, bringing Gmail to its knees does not only affect private users, but is actually detrimental to all those who use it instead of their office account because of the usually much higher reliability and security standards.

Pick your wit: Pigeon 2.0, Pigeons Reloaded, Pigeons Online

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Information Society in all its facets:

China is training 10,000 messenger pigeons to deliver vital military communications in the event of the country’s communication systems breaking down.